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In a Nutshell

VENEDY2 is an influencer network rooted in the gaming sphere.

We connect the right content creators with the right games and publishers to maximize the success of all our partners.

Creating the perfect synergy between content creators and game publishers.
Influencer Marketing for Publishers
Use our network of creators as an highly efficient channel for your campaigns to
  • Increase Brand Awareness
    With the social media reach of our influencers on several platforms, you can raise your brand awareness effectively and e.g. spread the word of the release of a new game.
  • Gather Quality Leads
    With performance based campaigns we generate valuable leads. We make sure that your game is brought to the fitting gamer segments by the right creators to secure lead quality.
  • Trigger Sales
    With incentives given to the audience our influencers are an efficient way to promote and sell special offers on a cost per sale basis.
Channel boost and performance rewards for Creators
Receive attractive offers from our partners that help you increase your audience and revenue
  • Be First
    You get early access to new releases of our partners. Be one of the first to present them to the gamers.
  • New Viewers
    Up-to-date new content is a great way to reach new viewers. Furthermore, we can support you to grow with integration in the social media activities of our partners.
  • Creative Freedom
    There are no certain specifications of how to create your content. Record your videos as you are used to – you know best how to engage your viewers.
  • Get paid more
    Offers from our partners are only available via VENEDY2 and a very attractive way to monetize your efforts appropriately.
  • We Negotiate
    You can focus on your channel and content. All time-consuming acquisition and negotiation efforts for attractive deals are done by us.
  • Coop-Mode
    As gamers ourselves we share your fascination for gaming and want to help you follow your passion.
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